Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Question posed to me by Lady V. about paranormal men and women.

Q: What advice do you have for women in the field who have no desire to be eye candy or have to stand two steps behind a man to have people even consider them as valuable contributors?

My advice to women is to be true to yourself.
     Never focus on what other women look like or do for attention. Just focus on your research, work and integrity . God made us women in all sizes and shapes. We are the blessed that way. If your work is valid and correct you will get the recognition you desire, but you have to work harder and longer than a man to do so. Paranormal investigations are mainly a male dominated world. We girls have got to try and work harder. This is the same in every walk of life. Women in business, to this day, don't' get equal pay as their male counter parts do, but I will also say we are our own worse enemies by degrading each other for our looks or personalities.
     I am not afraid to work hard. I am not afraid to help others succeed. We women need to stick together as a united front. And only then will we be two step ahead.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ghost Hunting Courses. What should they really teach?

Many have asked me my thoughts on ghost hunting courses.  
I believe the proper use of ghost hunting equipment is paramount. It can and must be taught. Just like a doctor, dentist, electrician, plumber & auto mechanic they need how to operate the tools of their trade. Ghost hunting equipment is ever changing in this industry and so it is in the medical field to auto mechanics. After you cull your information / evidence you need to be able to discern it  At this point I also believe you cannot teach this, but only offer advice based on experience of all the variables of the paranormal in helping someone discerning their evidence. Evidence discerning / interpretation is subjective and speculative and up for interpretation by the individual who culled it. People have said there is not a right or wrong in ghost hunting. That may appear to be true to some, but ask yourself this. Would you trust a heart surgeon who was not trained in using his newly purchased equipment to operate on you? Learn to use your tools correctly!
Final Thought: I believe one can NOT certify a ghost hunting course, but you can give out a certificate upon completion of a course when its based on proper usage of ghost hunting tools as long as it's a simple certificate and not a certifications. Like I've said tools and usage are paramount in any field and they often come with come with certificates upon completion of the course.
A certificate and a certification are two different things. If you do not know the difference please follow the link for a full explanation. click here
I also believe the discernment of ghost hunting evidence, inner body feeling are subjective and speculative and can Not be certified because of all the variables that the field of the paranormal presents.
I'd love your input on this subject.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

High Tech. Equipment vs. Oldies but Goodies

I've seen all the popular and some not so popular ghost investigation shows on TV and the internet. To me the reliance on High Tech equipment to see if there is a ghost present is a bit on the overkill side.
I'm of the school where if I can't see it or hear it or if it doesn't touch me or throw something at me it doesn't exist. If you have to squint to see a ghost in a picture or video or tweak audio to the point where you can hear it, then that's not good enough for me. What ever happened to the days before electricity? What did they use to find a ghost? Hey people long ago knew ghosts existed and never had high tech stuff to confirm a ghostly presence. What they used were dowsing rods, candles, pendulums, powers, teas, table tipping, a persons body ect...
I'd like to hear back on your take of all the high tech stuff. Is it necessary or should we start getting back to the basics.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Is it Still Called Cheating When it's Ghost Sex?

I had a question posed to me in light of the Tiger Woods scandal and I am going to pose it to you.
Many believe it is cheating when a man or women has sex with another person when they are married or in a committed relationship. I say many because I have also know of couple that have open relationships where they do have sex with someone else outside their relationship. It’s ok cause both partners except this as part the open relationship.
We here in the paranormal biz have known about Ghost sex for a long long time. Not many are willing to talk about it, but I am and have on many interviews and shows I have done.
My question to you is do you consider it cheating when you have sex outside of a committed relationship with a ghost, spirit, entity or a demon? As you know at times you and the spirits can become mega attached to each other. I’d love to hear your take on this fascinating subject.
I’ve included my website link. So you can get to know me better.
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


At first I thought it was my imagination. Then I thought hey it’s got to be only me seeing this stuff. But now I realize I am not the only one that has witnessed the immature infighting in the paranormal industry. I don’t understand what they are fighting about. This group doesn’t like that group and that group thinks the other group does a bad job and fakes their evidence. All the while tearing each other down for some odd reason instead of supporting and helping each other in an effort to conquer the unknown.
Someone out there please enlighten me as to why this is so?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why is ghost hunting a male dominated field?

I am curious to know why ghost hunting is a male dominated field. I am a ghost huntress and am trying to present my unique way of ghost hunting to the public. I hunt for ghost alone not in groups. I go into dangerous area that grown men or camera crews would never venture into. I am not afraid of a thing in the paranormal world...only the living. Women love my look and courage. Men write to me and want to take me to bed and then I get the nasty comments from men telling me to stay home a bake cookies. I thought sexist views went out with the fifties.
Love to hear your thoughts on this subject.
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